Let’s Compare: Virtual Guard Vs Security Guard. How Do They Stack Up?

Virtual Guarge

How does a Virtual Security Guard system differ from a traditional Security Guard?

Cameras with Voice Down Audio. Virtual Guard
Virtual Guard

On-site security guards are an integral part of keeping many premises and businesses protected and preventing criminal activity. But, on-site security guards are limited in their capacity. Why? Because they simply cannot be everywhere at once.

This is why we offer the Virtual Guard system.

What is Virtual Guard?

Virtual Guarding works like this: Your site is monitored remotely through cameras installed on the premises, this provides REAL TIME visibility to all areas within a site. Upon seeing suspicious activity the command center, monitoring the cameras, will voice-down a command to leave the premises. No response? Police will be dispatched.

What are the benefits?

 The command center will direct the responding officers to the exact location of the intruders and give descriptions of appearance. Police response increases when the threat is video verified.  

This interactive remote guarding system is not only cost effective, but it can stop crime and vandalism in progress, while creating an overall safer environment at your home or business.

Essentially, your Virtual Guarding system is an automated sensing device whose only role is detection and alert because security guards are no longer needed to watch multiple TV screens. Your Virtual Guarding is all-inclusive – WATCHING, DETECTING, DEFINING, DETERRING and DISPATCHING!

Let’s put this to a real life scenario. You have a security guard patrolling your premises but a visitor approaches the guard to ask a question or be given access to the property. While all of this is happening at the front of the building, the security guard cannot see the vandals in the back parking lot trying to break into cars. He can only see what he can see!

Maybe he hears the crooks and runs towards the lot while calling to dispatch police. They see him coming and run! Now what? Does he chase them and leave the premises unguarded? Does he attempt to remember or pick out details about their appearance?

Our sophisticated virtual guard system won’t put the security of your premises at risk.

Virtual Guard System

 Virtual Guard:

✔️Cost Efficient (Avg. $900/month)  

✔️LIVE audio intervention for intruders or trespassers.

✔️LIVE video feed helps emergency responders know where to go if dispatched.

✔️Priority Police dispatch.

✔️Protects indoor and outdoor inventory at the same time.

✔️Cameras record activity in real time.

✔️Can’t be bribed or threatened.

✔️Equipment is vandal and weather resistant.

✔️ Doesn’t fall asleep, no breaks.

✔️Thermal and Infrared cameras available so intruders or trespassers can’t hide. 

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