What to Expect During the Walkthrough, Installation, and Follow Up of your Security System.

Walk-through Meeting

by Invision Systems

When having a security system installed, it’s important to know what to expect from your security system integrator during the initial walk-through and installation. You will also want to know what to expect from your security system company once installation is complete.

Whether you’re installing a security camera system at your restaurant, an intruder alarm at your home or an access control system at your warehouse, familiarizing yourself with the process will ensure you’re getting the most from your security system company. 
After researching, reviewing, and analyzing security system companies, you’ve chosen one that embodies the values you seek. Congratulations! So what happens next?

The Walk-Through

The first step in the process is a walk-through or site survey. A  licensed security system specialist will be sent to your home or business to gather information related to the installation.

This is an opportunity for the security system specialists to analyze the layout of your property, take measurements to determine distances, and speak with you about what you’re looking for your security system to do. The specialists will ask about your security needs, proposed camera or intruder alarm device locations and will provide you with information on the latest technology to fit your needs.

This is YOUR opportunity to tell the security systems professional what security concerns you have,ask questions about the scope of work, equipment used, and what the security system team will need from you during installation.  Expect the security system specialist to inquire about your existing security systems you may have in place and your budget. Make sure to give the specialist any pertinent information they may need to prevent delays during installation. The security specialist and technicians will need access to locations where camera or intruder alarm system components may be installed including basements, network rooms or vulnerable areas. 

Following the walkthrough, the security system specialist will design your security system. This could take days and even sometimes weeks depending on the size and complexity of the system. Do not let this discourage you. The time put into the security system design is vital to the functionality of the security system itself. Once you have approved the cost and signed appropriate paperwork the installation will be scheduled! 


Having anyone in your home or business to install equipment can be a bit hectic. You have customers and staff to manage or children and pets to take care of . Your life can’t stop because of a security system installation. Don’t worry! You’ve hired professionals!

Of course, you want to make sure the technicians arriving have enough space to work and that they aren’t interrupted during their installation.

The security system technicians will work as efficiently as possible. You can expect some dirt and debris, maybe even a little noise, while the technicians work but this will depend on the type of equipment being installed.

Be sure to be available during  installation so that if a question or change arises, it can be handled right away. The goal is to avoid costly delays in work. Additionally, remaining on-site gives you the chance to watch your security system come together.

When the technician completes the installation, you will be trained on how to use your new security system!  The security technician will walk you through the completed system, teach you how to navigate your systems and end-user programs or applications  and how to manage user access. Keep the passwords or codes given to you in a secure place. Do not give out your passwords or login information. 

What Comes Next?

Now the installation is complete, you are ecstatic to have the security system you’ve been wanting! You may think this is the part where the security company bows out and you never hear from them again. Not so! A professional, trusted company will stick with you even after installation. It is one of the many reasons why going with a professional security company is the way to go. When installation is complete, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can receive service and support for your security system.

Security professionals must pass rigorous background checks and be cleared for this industry work. For installations and in a support role as well. This ensures that anyone working on your sensitive system is dedicated to maintaining its integrity. 

Many security system companies have yearly service plans that will cover parts and labor should an issue arise with your security system. The professional company will have technical support staff available to assist you in everyday support situations. You’ll typically reach out to them by email or phone. Expect some companies to differ from others in terms of what types of support they offer as well as the cost. Some companies will offer remote and on-site technical support on an as-needed basis. For this, you may be charged a service call fee. It’s important to know which policies your security system company uses and what the costs of these plans and policies are. 

Having a security system installed when you are equipped with the knowledge of what to expect will ensure that the process goes smoothly!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are trained and armed with the experience to answer any questions you may have on an upcoming installation. 

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