The 3G Sunset is Coming Here. Are you ready?

by Invision Systems

Cell Tower in a sunset landscape, artistically illustrating the title 3G Sunset

Changes are coming to the cell networks we use everyday. The 3G sunset date is quickly approaching!

It’s important to know what changes are coming to the 3G network and how the 3G Sunset will affect your home or business .

Why is this important for your burglar alarm?

Your burglar alarm communicates using cell tower networks. When new technology becomes available, carriers must adjust to accommodate the new networks.

What is “3G Sunsetting“?

“Sunsetting” is when wireless network carriers shut down existing out-of-date networks, like 2G and 3G, to accommodate new network technology i.e. 4G LTE, 5G. The motivation behind this is that it gives the network carriers the opportunity to remodel devices to be faster and more efficient.

The evolution of cellular network technology

How does this affect me?

In the security industry, we rely on cellular networks for a multitude of applications. Communications for burglar alarms being the top priority. Your burglar alarm system sends signals via cellular network, 24-7 to the central monitoring station.  If your burglar alarm s cannot communicate with the monitoring station, you are risking your security! Businesses and homeowners using the 3G network will have to upgrade their technology to ensure that their burglar alarms are able to send signals to the monitoring station. 

When will this change happen?


Some network carriers have already started implementing changes. 3G cell towers will be shut down one by one over time and not all at once.

What do I need to do?

Contact us to learn more about how this change could affect you. Be prepared for the shutdown by making a plan for upgrades. We will be contacting affected customers in the coming weeks and months while we prepare for this change.


  • 3G Sunset is coming!
  • Upgrades are necessary if running systems on 3G networks.
  • You have time to prepare your home or business for the changes!
  • Don’t risk your security! Ensure your burglar alarm communicates 24/7 with the central monitoring station.
  • Contact us to learn more.

Email for more information!

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