Extreme Weather and Your Security Cameras.

by Invision Systems

Lightning in a dark night sky. Illustrating extreme weather not suitable for security cameras

How do my security cameras stand up to extreme weather?

Below freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and violent wind gusts can negatively impact security cameras not built to withstand these weather extremes.

How do security camera manufacturers combat extreme weather?

Typical example of dome Security Cameras

Most indoor and outdoor cameras are designed by security camera manufacturers to withstand multiple levels of inclement weather. The Ingress Protection, or IP, enclosure rating system , is used rate how well their security cameras will stand up to environmental conditions. To represent the level of protection the camera has the rating is given a pair of numbers. The scale is measured from 0 to 8, with 0 being the least protected and 8 being the most. An IP rating 68 boasts “full immersion in water” protection while a camera with an IP67 rating is considered weatherproof.

The first digit in the IP rating represents the camera’s ability to resist solid hazards such as dust and dirt debris. The second digit represents how well the camera resists liquid hazards such as rain and snow. 


IP rating chart for security cameras
IP rating for water protection on security cameras

Even indoors, it is important to remember that extreme weather can have an impact on your security cameras! Power outages can cause major damage to electronic systems and this includes your security cameras! Your system may be rendered inoperable after an outage due to a sudden surge in power, so make sure your system is installed by professionals to alleviate the risk of this happening. Add a backup battery to your security camera system that will keep the cameras running even during an outage.

Power outages can damage your security cameras

Keep the weather in mind when contemplating your security system. Extreme weather can wreak havoc on your camera system so be sure that the cameras being used in your installation are rated appropriately for the application they are used for. Look at the physical body of the camera periodically and report any damage to your security company’s support team. Be mindful of the weather and how it can impact your home or business security.

The 3G Sunset is Coming Here. Are you ready?

by Invision Systems

Cell Tower in a sunset landscape, artistically illustrating the title 3G Sunset

Changes are coming to the cell networks we use everyday. The 3G sunset date is quickly approaching!

It’s important to know what changes are coming to the 3G network and how the 3G Sunset will affect your home or business .

Why is this important for your burglar alarm?

Your burglar alarm communicates using cell tower networks. When new technology becomes available, carriers must adjust to accommodate the new networks.

What is “3G Sunsetting“?

“Sunsetting” is when wireless network carriers shut down existing out-of-date networks, like 2G and 3G, to accommodate new network technology i.e. 4G LTE, 5G. The motivation behind this is that it gives the network carriers the opportunity to remodel devices to be faster and more efficient.

The evolution of cellular network technology

How does this affect me?

In the security industry, we rely on cellular networks for a multitude of applications. Communications for burglar alarms being the top priority. Your burglar alarm system sends signals via cellular network, 24-7 to the central monitoring station.  If your burglar alarm s cannot communicate with the monitoring station, you are risking your security! Businesses and homeowners using the 3G network will have to upgrade their technology to ensure that their burglar alarms are able to send signals to the monitoring station. 

When will this change happen?


Some network carriers have already started implementing changes. 3G cell towers will be shut down one by one over time and not all at once.

What do I need to do?

Contact us to learn more about how this change could affect you. Be prepared for the shutdown by making a plan for upgrades. We will be contacting affected customers in the coming weeks and months while we prepare for this change.


  • 3G Sunset is coming!
  • Upgrades are necessary if running systems on 3G networks.
  • You have time to prepare your home or business for the changes!
  • Don’t risk your security! Ensure your burglar alarm communicates 24/7 with the central monitoring station.
  • Contact us to learn more.

Email Support@inv-sys.com for more information!

Leave It To The Security System Professionals!

security cameras - InVision Systems

by Invision Systems

DIY or Do It Yourself projects are more popular than ever. It’s really no surprise that people want to save time and money and believe that by completing a project themselves they will save both. However, this is not always the case with DIY projects.  In today’s world, completing a project on your own sounds rewarding and can be less expensive. In reality, DIY projects end up costing more time, money, and energy to complete. This is especially true with your security system. Security systems professionals train for years to gain the knowledge and experience they have. That being said, Security camera systems, burglar alarms, and other high-value security systems are installations you should leave to the professionals.

security system technician - InVision Systems

Security system professionals have years of knowledge in this specialty field. These folks trained to manage and configure complex networks. They trained to install, program, and maintain complex security systems. Often, they attend ongoing factory training and industry seminars, all to provide their customers with the latest technology.

You get what you pay for.

That camera package deal at Costco seems like a STEAL, but is it? How do you know it’s going to fit the specifications at your home or business? Will all of the components work properly once installed and programmed?  Who will you reach out to if you encounter installation issues? Do you have a contact number in case you need technical support? Most discount brand manufacturers do not have customer support centers or technicians to help with configurations and installations.

“Well…” you say, “I planned to hire a professional. My best friend’s boyfriend’s cousin is a very skilled handyman, he’ll be installing my system.”  Great! A handyman may install parts of the system correctly, but can he program it? Can he service the hardware components and support the software components?  Has he taken into consideration the placement of your security cameras?  How much time did he spend designing the system to best fit your security needs?

Another thing to consider is the actual security for the system itself. Hiring a handyman may leave your system vulnerable to hackers and other security threats. Professional security companies employ staff who have gone through background checks and vigorous security training. Security system professionals complete training to update software, firmware, and assure that the latest encryption and security protocols are in place. They have to pass examinations and receive certifications to install, program and service security equipment and components. 

professional security cameras - InVision Systems

Let’s compare the professional installation to the DIY or cheap installation. 

To start, a professional security systems company has to have an alarm contractor license. The license information must be CLEARLY visible on websites, business cards, etc. Security system professionals must have years of experience in the field. They must also pass a series of examinations given by the state.  These security system professionals take their profession very seriously and their work shows it.                                                       

security systems - InVision Systems
Professional Installation

A professional installation starts with a walk-through or site survey. This is a chance for the professional to gather the lay of the land. The walk-through is where the security specialist begins to design your system. Afterward, they take the information gathered during the walk-through and spend hours, days and sometimes weeks designing custom solutions to fit specific security needs.   

They examine every detail of the installation and provide their professional recommendations. These recommendations include the BEST equipment to fit the needs of your home or business. You can be confident it will be a secure investment.     

security system professionals - InVision Systems

Speaking of that investment! The upfront costs of a professional security company installing your camera system or burglar alarm may seem overwhelmingly high at first. The benefit is that the professionals are going to get it right the first time! Don’t waste your time, money or energy with handyman installs and cheap equipment. Make your investment count and it will reward you for years to come.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the work, wait until you hire an amateur.

-Red Adair