Extreme Weather and Your Security Cameras.


by Invision Systems

Lightning in a dark night sky. Illustrating extreme weather not suitable for security cameras

How do my security cameras stand up to extreme weather?

Below freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and violent wind gusts can negatively impact security cameras not built to withstand these weather extremes.

How do security camera manufacturers combat extreme weather?

Typical example of dome Security Cameras

Most indoor and outdoor cameras are designed by security camera manufacturers to withstand multiple levels of inclement weather. The Ingress Protection, or IP, enclosure rating system , is used rate how well their security cameras will stand up to environmental conditions. To represent the level of protection the camera has the rating is given a pair of numbers. The scale is measured from 0 to 8, with 0 being the least protected and 8 being the most. An IP rating 68 boasts “full immersion in water” protection while a camera with an IP67 rating is considered weatherproof.

The first digit in the IP rating represents the camera’s ability to resist solid hazards such as dust and dirt debris. The second digit represents how well the camera resists liquid hazards such as rain and snow. 


IP rating chart for security cameras
IP rating for water protection on security cameras

Even indoors, it is important to remember that extreme weather can have an impact on your security cameras! Power outages can cause major damage to electronic systems and this includes your security cameras! Your system may be rendered inoperable after an outage due to a sudden surge in power, so make sure your system is installed by professionals to alleviate the risk of this happening. Add a backup battery to your security camera system that will keep the cameras running even during an outage.

Power outages can damage your security cameras

Keep the weather in mind when contemplating your security system. Extreme weather can wreak havoc on your camera system so be sure that the cameras being used in your installation are rated appropriately for the application they are used for. Look at the physical body of the camera periodically and report any damage to your security company’s support team. Be mindful of the weather and how it can impact your home or business security.

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