The Truth About Phone Entry Systems.

Here's What You Need to Know 

How Does It Work?

The Basics-

Phone Entry Systems (sometimes referred to as Intercom systems) allow access or entry into a multi residential environment or office building. The resident will get an alert when a guest or visitor approaches the phone entry panel and dials a resident phone number. They can then answer from their telephone and communicate verbally with the visitor. The resident will push a button to initiate a signal to the panel that will unlock the door. The panel sends the command to the electric strike or lock, unlocking the door. In this simplest form, the components include an electric strike or electrified lock, door station, base station, power supply and wiring.

Mircom Phone Entry Panel
Mircom Phone Entry Panel

How Do They Communicate?

Telephone Lines

In telephone entry installations, physical landline-based systems were used for decades .  This meant that in order to operate this system a telephone line needed to be installed. From the 1980s to 2000s, this type of landline connection was readily available in most urban areas. Everyone was using landline telephones. Purchasing a system in a rural area was challenging. The cost to have telephone lines laid was expensive and time consuming. 

VoIP and Cellular Networks

Traditional Telephone

Traditional telephone entry systems still use landline telephone connections but newer technology has developed that utilizes cellular and VoIP connections. VoIP (Voice over IP) allows users to use voice communications through an internet connection. This is not only a cost effective method of connections, it also provides more security and dependability. Requiring an internet connection and a static IP address, this method of communication is pretty standard today with new systems. 

No More Landlines!

Guest or Resident Phone Entry Access, Cell Phone

Cellphone entry systems work on cellular telephone networks, so they do not require the use of landlines. They provide the same voice-based functionality. A visitor can hit a “call” button, ringing a designated number where someone can speak to them and grant access. Because most people today have “smart” cellphones, entry systems have more capabilities than previous landline telephone entry systems. Some of these features include video capabilities and cloud based services.

What’s New?

As technology evolves, phone entry systems are adding enhanced features that offer insight and management capabilities for the end user. One very advantageous feature is the use of video streaming. Systems like the Liftmaster CAPXLV, have built in cameras that give users a live view of entries and exits. The user can playback or download events from the cloud. Phone entry systems with video capabilities provide an extra layer of security against vandalism, theft or property damage.

The owner of the property can monitor the access points in real time, protecting residents and guests against unauthorized access. This also gives residents the ability to visually verify guests to open a gate or door remotely. Facilities can access live feed and event data from anywhere using a browser or app on their phones or laptops.

Alpha Touch Phone Entry System Panel

These advanced systems, like the Alpha Touch Video Intercom, allow facilities to track and manage packages or create community events. Residents can grant access to guests from a personal cell phone and send virtual keys for visitors . These systems with online video management software give users the flexibility of being off site, while still managing access.

Facility Management In The Cloud

Upload to the cloud
Cloud based management gives you all the flexibility you need.

Most systems offer cloud based hosting solutions tailored to the facilities need. Cloud based hosting and data management allows home and business owners to store information for their systems in the cloud. There are many advantages to this. Data is always safe even during power outages or technical issues. The stored data can be reloaded onto the panel remotely. User management occurs through a web browser, without the need for any downloads or upkeep of software.

Benefits to Cloud Storage

  • Cloud service always stays current with technology; your investment won’t become obsolete.
  • Update resident names on the go, never have to take the system offline.
  • Hard drives will never crash.
  • Data is backed up automatically.
  • Vandalism or a natural disaster could never affect the data base.
  • No need for multiple servers at multiple locations.
  • No software to install.
  • Manage the access control system for one or hundreds of facilities.
  • Unlimited site and device capacity.
  • Unlimited credentials and administrators.
  • Future-proof functionality.
  • Increased flexibility, reliability and resiliency.
  • Unlimited number of door readers/accounts/workstations.
  • Remotely manage multiple sites from a single login.

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